Same-Day Dental Crowns vs. Traditional Crowns

Crowns are porcelain restorations for chipped, cracked, or weakened teeth. You may be familiar with traditional crowns. At Rock Ridge Family Dentistry, we also offer same-day dental crowns thanks to the revolutionary CEREC® technology. Learn more about the benefits of each treatment method below! Traditional Crowns Traditional porcelain crowns typically require two appointments. During the […]

Dental Work Is Not Expensive in the Long-Term

Many people postpone dental appointments for financial reasons because they want to avoid the out-of-pocket costs if they are uninsured. Even those who have dental insurance may avoid going to the dentist for preventive care only to eventually find out that they need a costly procedure that isn’t adequately covered by their provider. Fortunately, at […]

Why Do I Have Pain & Sensitivity in My Teeth?

When you have unexplained sensitivity or pain in your teeth, it can be rather disconcerting. It’s easy to let your imagination run wild and think the worst when this happens. Before you know it, in your mind you’re in store for root canals, gum surgery, and all sorts of terrible procedures. But before you go […]

Giving the Gift of a Healthy Smile: How to Save for Dental Care for a Family Member

The costs of dental care can really add up for a family, especially when there are a lot of family members, you don’t have good dental insurance, or neglected teeth lead to the need for many procedures. However, at Rocky Ridge Family Dentistry, we don’t want your dental needs to be put on the back […]