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CEREC and CAD/CAM Technology
With advancements in dental technology, professionals are now looking to reduce chair-side time, treatment costs and, at the same time, ensure a comfortable, efficient experience for patients at clinics. One of the most prominent of these advancements is the CAD/CAM technology. CAD/CAM stands for Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing.

There was once a time when procedures involving crown, inlay, onlay and veneer fabrication use to take several days or weeks to finish. This included conventional impression methods and multiple days of preparation work in the laboratory. The prostheses, fillings and veneers created in this way still had flaws which would again take several days to fix.

However, CAD/CAM has made it possible to record highly accurate three dimensional impressions, fabricate crowns, veneers and fillings, and place them in the oral cavity, all in a single visit. This means that patients do not have to wait a week, or visit the dental office thrice to fix a chipped margin, or get a root canaled tooth fitted with a crown. Same day treatments have paved way for single visit complete smile transformations and dental makeovers, which are particularly popular with celebrities.

Dental fillings, prostheses and veneers fabricated with the help of CEREC and CAD/CAM:
– Have a better fit in the oral cavity because of highly accurate 3D mapping and impressions, which supersede two dimensional images produced by conventional radiographs
– Reduce chair-time and the number of clinic visits required to complete the procedure
– Reduce cost of hiring technical staff and laboratory space to fabricate crowns, fillings and veneers
– Have significantly less chances of dimensional faults
– Allow patients to get a complete smile makeover in a single visit

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