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Dark-haired woman wearing a copper sweater puts a hand on her chin wondering about the oral cancer screen at the dentist

Your biannual dental visit isn’t just about getting your teeth cleaned, although that’s one part of it. During your exam, your dentist will also spend some time examining your mouth to screen for oral cancer. These brief yet powerful screenings can reveal a lot about the state of your oral health. Here’s what happens during an oral cancer examination.

What Happens During an Oral Cancer Exam?

Dr. Louk will examine soft tissues in your mouth and also scan your lips, face, and neck. He will also scan around your tongue, the back of your mouth, and throat. He will also physically examine the lymph nodes in your neck.

Should I Be Concerned?

There is no reason to be concerned during an oral cancer examination. Any abnormalities that Dr. Louk may find will require further testing, so you may have to return to the office a couple weeks later for additional tests or to discuss results.

What Causes Oral Cancer?

Oral cancer has a number of causes, but your risk of developing it increases if you use tobacco in any form, drink heavy amounts of alcohol, you or a family member have previously been diagnosed with oral cancer, or you’ve had excessive sun exposure, which puts you at risk for lip cancer.

How Can I Prevent Oral Cancer?

If you are a smoker, quit as soon as possible in order to prevent diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. You should also limit your alcohol intake and avoid consuming too much sugar or acidic foods. To promote superb overall oral health, brush and floss every day, visit us every six months for a checkup, and eat a proper diet full of protein, fiber, and nutrients.

If you have any questions about oral cancer screenings or about ways that you can ensure that you have optimal oral health, our team at Rock Ridge Family Dentistry is happy to assist you. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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