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There are many benefits to brushing your tongue, but it may not be something you always remember to do. At Rock Ridge Family Dentistry, we believe brushing your tongue is a vital step in your dental hygiene. Here are some reasons why you should add it to your repertoire and tips on the best tongue brushing methods.

Why Is It Important?

Even if you brush and floss twice a day, you’re overlooking the bacteria on your tongue. Bacteria accumulates between the taste buds and the crevices and elevations on your tongue, and it will hide in these places until it’s brushed away. These bacteria cannot be removed by rinsing with water or mouthwash alone, and the buildup often leads to bad breath.

How Do You Brush Your Tongue?

Brushing your tongue is incredibly easy. You simply use your regular toothbrush and toothpaste to brush your tongue in the same manner that you brush your teeth. You want to be careful not to brush too aggressively as you don’t want to break the skin. Follow up with mouthwash to clear away any leftover debris. Be sure to reach the back of your tongue where a lot of the bacteria can sit.

You can also use a specialized brush with a tongue cleaner built into the back of the head. If that doesn’t seem adequate, you can use a tongue scrapper, a tool made of soft, flexible plastic that will help remove the bacteria on your tongue. You can purchase both of these items at any drug store. If you experience any soreness or bleeding, you are being too forceful with these tools.

If you have any questions on technique, ask us at your next appointment.

How Often Should You Brush Your Tongue?

Every time you brush your teeth, you should also brush your tongue, but once in the morning and once in the evening before bed at minimum. If you notice your breath is especially bad, you might want to consider cleaning your tongue after every meal.

What If Bad Breath Is Still a Problem?

If you still find yourself suffering from bad breath, make an appointment with us. Bad breath could be a result of tooth decay or infections in your mouth, among other things. At Rock Ridge Family Dentistry, we are dedicated to helping you solve any dental issue you may have.

Let us help you say goodbye to bad breath and feel confident in your interactions again!

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