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Bad breath is embarrassing and can affect your confidence. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to freshen your breath at home easily.

Causes of Bad Breath

In order to properly treat bad breath, it is necessary to know what causes it. One major reason why you may have bad breath is by practicing poor dental hygiene. Not consistently brushing your teeth and cleaning your tongue allows for bad breath germs to multiply, making it harder to beat. Another source of bad breath is certain foods like garlic and onion. Smoking, gum disease, and medications that cause dry mouth are also causes of bad breath.

Drink Peppermint Tea

Instead of chewing on sugary gum that can actually be bad for your teeth, a cup of strong peppermint tea can help ward off bad breath. It is also good for your stomach, and you can enjoy it hot or iced!

Check Your Spice Cabinet

Chewing on cloves, cardamom, or cinnamon can instantly eliminate bad breath, among their many other benefits, because of their antiseptic qualities.

Gargle with Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix apple cider vinegar in a cup of water to make an all-natural, cleansing mouth rinse. Apple cider vinegar balances pH and makes it harder for bad breath germs to multiply.

Brush Your Teeth with Baking Soda

Baking soda has many health benefits and is even known for whitening teeth. Like apple cider vinegar, it balances the pH of your mouth and reduces the effects of acid, which is a breeding ground for plaque and bacteria that cause bad breath.

Stop Smoking

Smoking isn’t just bad for your breath – it’s bad for your overall health. Smoking lowers your immunity and ability to ward off infection, making it easy for bad breath germs to thrive in your mouth.

Develop a Consistent Oral Care Routine

Brushing and flossing twice per day is critical to curbing bad breath and also maintaining healthy and strong teeth and gums.

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