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Back to school is the perfect time of year to create or reinforce healthy dental habits in your kids. Your kids are already excited about a new school year and ready to learn new things, so adding some lessons in dental health should be easy. Here are three tips to try out with your kids:

Have a Dentist Check-up First

It’s a good idea to schedule your children’s annual dental check-ups for before the school year starts. This way they don’t have to miss any school and if they happen to have any cavities they can have them taken care of before school starts. This lets them start the new school year with a clean slate, dental health-wise.

Pick Out Teeth-Driendly Snacks

When packing their lunches and school day snacks, focus on items that are healthy for their teeth. Cut up fruit and veggies contain natural teeth-cleaning properties. Cubes of cheese are another great option. Steer clear of candy, fruit chews, and anything sticky as these types of food get stuck between the teeth and contribute to tooth decay. 

Incorporate Brushing into Before and After School Routines

When creating a routine for getting ready for school in the morning, and ending the day, be sure to include time for teeth brushing. Have your kids brush their teeth for at least two minutes after breakfast every morning before school. Then also get them into the habit of brushing their teeth for another two minutes after they do their homework, take a bath, and put their PJs on. You can set a timer or have them listen to their favorite two-minute long song while brushing to ensure they last the full time.

By following these tips, you will seamlessly blend healthy dental habits into your kids’ back to school routine.

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