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In Texas, we love our Texan food. In fact there is even a popular Buzzfeed article on the Internet paying homage to Texan food. But it’s time to think about the pros and cons of some of these Texas foods and your teeth. Don’t worry—we aren’t going to tell you to put down the Blue Bell, maybe just brush your teeth right afterwards.

  • Chile con Queso: We all love it. Who can even imagine eating tortilla chips without it? The good news is: cheese is actually good for your teeth. The bad news is: not this kind of cheese. Sorry. This Texan food we suggest eating in moderation. We Texans love our chips and salsa too. So for a much lighter alternative to queso, switch to the salsa every now and then.
  • Sweet Tea: Can you even say these words without a Southern drawl? Sweet tea is a staple of the South and it is no different here in Texas. But constantly drinking sweet tea is not good for your teeth. Decay will happen quickly with that sugar sitting on your teeth all day. Try drinking unsweetened tea sometimes. Or if that is unimaginable, go for half sweet tea/ half unsweetened tea. You can always just make sure to brush your teeth after as well.
  • Blue Bell Ice Cream: This “Made in Texas” ice cream is an undeniable staple to the Texan diet. We love it and we are proud of this great product that comes out of our state. But again, moderation is key. Make sure to teach your children that sugary treats are just that—a treat—and not something you eat every day.

These are just a few thoughts we had about Texas foods. Don’t shoot the messenger, we love these foods too. But moderation is important to remember when it comes to these tasty treats, as well as a good dental hygiene regimen.